About FK

Faraz Khan is a UK-based Pakistani social entrepreneur, investor, published author and public speaker. He is regarded as a leading authority on social entrepreneurship and believes in bringing a positive change in the society with forward-thinking business models that allow him to fulfil a personal commitment to improve the lives of people in the UK, Pakistan and beyond. He is passionate about bridging gaps between continents and nations through entrepreneurship, business and trade.

Over a period of 10 years he has taken many entrepreneurial initiatives, transforming most into a success story, and champions the idea of inspiring and mentoring the young generation to be the change agent itself. He has won acclaim for his novel ventures that aim at making a difference at a massive scale. He, with his partners, has created eight leading businesses globally, based on his core belief that anything is possible with will, determination and good intent.

An MBA Marketing graduate from the University of Lincoln, Faraz truly believes that one must never cease to learn and grow, and education is acquired through formal as well as unassuming means. Hence, his four years at Common Purpose, combined with a multitude of first-hand experiences of the entrepreneurial world, groomed him into a true leader and social engineer, who continued to evolve reform and create. Faraz brings with him years of banking and corporate experience that combine both local and international business cultures, enabling him to integrate relevant and successful models accordingly, hence furthering his mission of developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan. His extensive collaborations and involvement with international organisations are all pivoted on one agenda – to introduce and adopt best practices for regional and economic development.

His most commendable work without any doubt was the launch of SEED http://www.seedventures.org/, a Social, Entrepreneurship & Equity Development organisation, the first of its kind in the UK and the only one so far in Pakistan. It was established as the central hub through which a number of diverse initiatives sprout and branch out with the potential of continuing on with this cycle. It promotes, supports and cultivates entrepreneurship at all levels, be it grass-root, business schools or start-ups. An umbrella company that is based on the core belief of initiating and investing in ventures that have the potential of creating a social impact, SEED serves as a platform for the development and facilitation of entrepreneurship in Pakistan and fosters entrepreneurship in micro, social and youth segments in the UK and South Asia, specifically Pakistan and Oman.

The primary focus of this organisation is on scaling up the existing sector of entrepreneurs working with local communities into new markets. SEED is also in the final phase of launching ‘Social Investment Fund’ (SIF) with the purpose of creating a pool of financial resources to fund the growth of social enterprises in Pakistan. These funds will be invested into Pakistan’s rural and semi-urban entrepreneurial ecosystem through structured models that are relevant and applicable to the local business environments.

Faraz Khan has been appointed as a member of Catalyst UK, joining UK’s most powerful business advocates representing British interests around the world and championing the UK as the world’s best international business partner.

He sits on the Advisory Board of All Party Parliamentary Group of Entrepreneurship (APPGE) that comprises of leading entrepreneurs who provide independent, external and enterprise-oriented advice to the Parliament on issues of entrepreneurship in the UK.

He is also on the Advisory Board of Atlantic Council US that advises the governments on bringing Indian and Pakistani entrepreneurs together through ‘Dosti Network’.

One of SEED venture companies, Gizelle Communications (Pvt.) Ltd. http://gizellecommunication.com/ has ranked 13th in Pakistan100 fastest growing company. This is the second time that GC has been awarded Pakistan100 by AllWorld Network. It was also nominated an Arabia500 finalist in Istanbul Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Faraz has been nominated as Asia Society Leader to represent Pakistan in Young Leaders Conference in Delhi in 2011. Asia Society is a leading organisation that promotes mutual understanding and strengthens partnerships among leaders and institutions of Asia and the United States in a global context. He was also nominated Future Leader Power100 Pakistan, a selection that signifies and collates 100 most promising personalities who will shape the future of Pakistan.

Faraz is the co-author of ‘Pukh Theory’, Pakistan’s first business parable that explores an indigenous and unique solution to a global challenge faced by leaders of organisations: succession planning. His upcoming book ‘From 180 Million Warheads with Love’ is a fact-based fiction and has already piqued interest in local and international circles. He represents Pakistan on major global entrepreneurial forums and is recognized for his vision and business acumen. Regularly invited as a speaker at universities, professional organisations and worldwide marketing forums, Faraz has become a symbol of revolution and resolve who inspires many to help him in his drive to merge the entrepreneurial landscape with social responsibility.