In the summer of 2013, a biography of Faraz Khan and his business partner Khusro Ansari was published with the enigmatic title ‘Midlife and Naked’. It is an unconventional biography of two entrepreneurs who share the story of their journey and the highs and lows of life that made them emerge as a stronger force, with a zest and vigour for life as it is. Written by Shaista Ayesha, this book speaks of the revelations about entrepreneurship, Pakistan and life in general. It is a very candid account of what the two subjects have experienced to date. In no way do they imply that they are great enough that a book should be written about them.

However they feel that it is necessary to talk about a journey as it is happening instead of writing all about it once a person has reached her/his destination. They do not talk about profit margins, business models and business terms. The whole book is a conversation in which these two humbly bring to light the things that can help promote and support entrepreneurship in Pakistan, and the beauty of simple joys that we often tend to take for granted.


Pukh Theory explores an indigenous and unique solution to a global challenge; a challenge that you as a leader of your organization face on daily bases – SUCCESSION PLANNING.

In the book, Danial Khan is a successful business leader and is on a journey that leads him to creatively explore a local solution, and in light of his diverse institutional experience translates the same into a rejuvenating energy which wakes up the top brass of his organization. The uniqueness of the book is the collection of our day-to-day situations, characters and challenges and how conventionally we tend to manage them.

The inherent ignorance of values and obscure business challenges are unwrapped in a simple story and culminate into a solution that is found on the streets of Pakistan.

Pukh Theory is the first-of-its kind Pakistani contribution to global business practices; unconventional artwork of the book adds to its impact.

The Pakineur is an entrepreneurial magazine that focuses on this very important segment of our economy. This digital magazine brings to light the enterprising nature of our nation and shares success stories and provides insights on issues and obstructions that one faces in their entrepreneurial journey.


Opportunity Pakistan is a collaborative policy paper by SEED & i-genius to explore the current status and potential of social entrepreneurship in Pakistan. It presents recommendations and the way forward for the public, private and development sectors.