“Faraz understands the challenges faced by startups.  Having built many successful ventures in similar environments, he is a role model for people who want to innovate and do something on their own.”

Sumair Abro
Head of Human Resources at KASB Bank

“Faraz is having an impact on his industry due to his integrity and passion for what he does. In a world where values are being forgotten, Faraz brings you back to what is important; that connection, honesty and consideration for what is important.”

Julian Hall
Professional Speaker, #1 Best Selling Author, Business Consultant, Business Coach

“I must admit that more than Faraz the entrepreneur, it is the human being in him that has impressed me the most. He is a person who is always ready to reach out, with all the ingredients of sincerity, to help and support those around him, however faint or muffled the call for help may be. This for him is the art of all arts.”

Omar Khan

“Faraz is a solid social entrepreneur to boot! He has an excellence balance of corporate listening skills, and vision and foresight that drives him onwards to the benefit of all who meet him.”

Daniel Frohwein
Brand Impact Specialist, Reputation and Engagement Expert

”Faraz is a practical visionary, a truly impressive change-maker who has the creativity and insight to see the big picture, the skill and experience to know how to get there, the openness to bring in all parties and share ownership of the project, the wisdom to manage expectations effectively, the realism to know how hard it will be, and the dedication to ensure the goal is reached.”

Ben Rattenbury
Policy Advisor at Department of Energy and Climate Change

“Faraz is the king of business partner you want when you face a mission impossible especially working in emerging economies.”

Filippo Addarii
Euclid Network Executive Director

“Faraz is one of the highly competent individuals I have had the opportunity of working with. While at OICCI, I often consulted him on developing the policy for enhancing entrepreneurship skills in Pakistan. Faraz would not only have fresh ideas but also a very practical approach towards doing things, which is very evident in the way he has moved forward. He always believed in doing more and talking less.

His innovative approach to link the public-private sector with social responsibility initiatives shows the diversity of approach in doing things.”

Unjela Kaleem
Communications, Gender and Community Development Specialist